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Building Arduino Robots Step By Step

About this trackThis track is an Arduino bootcamp. The student will use Arduino, from beginner basics to advanced techniques to build circuits and make robots Robotics WorldDigital PinsAnalog PinsStatementsLes CapteursMotor DriversBluetooth.Construisez votre robotLab Phase : Construisez votre robot

Introduction to Databases

About this trackThis track is a detailed overview of Databases. You will learn how to deal with data and how to manipulate it by mastering different types of databases which will make a Super Developer ! Introduction to DatabasesEntity–relationship modelRelational modelData Manipulation language (DML)PL/SQLNonRelational Databases

The DevOps For Everyone

About this track This track is an introduction to set of practices that combines software development and IT operations which is DevOps . At the end of this track, you will be able to work in depth in various DevOps aspects using the appropriate tools. NetworkingDevopsCI/CDContainersApplication DevelopementDockerize ApplicationsCreate CI/CD PipelinesContinuous TestingCreate K8s ClusterCreate K8s Manifest …

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